Lookatme™ is possibly Europe’s most advanced, intuitive multilingual Digital Asset Management solution. Where many Digital Asset Management software solutions are not much more than file management systems, Lookatme™ provides a digital asset management solution for organisations looking to bridge the analogue and digital worlds. Lookatme™ workflow, brand, image and video management capabilities use world’s best practice processes, such as Spectrum and IPTC metadata standards.

Lookatme™ also uses advanced functionality, such as automatic generation of digital derivatives to maintain original file integrity, whilst providing optimised files for online use, on the fly.



Are digital asset management solutions still relevant?

There has been some debate about the relevance of Digital Asset Management solutions in an era of solutions such as the Cloud. Most of these discussions have been conducted by those with little knowledge of what a real Digital Asset Management solution is. The waters have been further muddied by low-end file management solutions trying to pass themselves off as Digital Asset Management solutions. The reality is that storage is just one minor aspect of a Digital Asset Management solution. The sophistication of a true Digital Asset Management solution lies in the capacity to engage with multiple stakeholders, who have limited knowledge (or interest) in how the system works.



‘Your Digital Asset Management solution takes on the role of a cataloguing system, the library and the librarians.’

The role of a librarian in the digital age

The best way to explain the role of a real Digital Asset Management solution is to think of your files as library books. Your Digital Asset Management solution takes on the role of a cataloguing system, the library and the librarians. Without the cataloguing system and the librarians, the library is just a building stacked high with books. Anyone who enters the library has access to all of the books but finding what they need is more a matter of chance than good planning. 

The reality is that even if someone has gone to the trouble of neatly ordering the books on the shelf, if they are not properly and consistently catalogued, then finding what you need is almost impossible. Let’s now consider the role of the librarian. Even if the books are properly catalogued, if they are not returned to the right shelves then they will not be available to the next person who needs them. Over time without the librarian, the library descends into chaos.

In the digital world, these problems are further complicated by lending practices, where digital assets can be copied and used in ways never imagined or authorised. It becomes even more important to employ a Digital Asset Management solution that serves as a file management archive. What you require is a solution that proactively allows you to manage the authorisation of use and management of any digital asset under your control. Unlike the librarian, you do not have the time and resources to oversee the ‘borrowing’ of every file, so you need approval processes and automated alerts to streamline this process, whilst still maintaining control over your collection. You also need methods of digital asset collection and cataloguing that encourage other stakeholders to behave in ways that enhance your collection, improve data integrity and help others create more value from your catalogues.

For any organisation looking to remain relevant in the digital age, a professional Digital Asset Management solution, such as provided by Lookatme™, is as essential to your organisation’s success as an accounting software solution. And like a good accounting software solution, an advanced, scalable and intuitive Lookatme™ digital asset management solution yields a measurable return on investment.