The right Digital Asset Management solution will serve as a bridge between analogue and digital cultural spaces. Archiving and cataloguing is important but only in the sense that it enables the transfer on knowledge and understanding to both internal and external stakeholders.



As cultural custodians you aim both to record your collections as well as find new ways of using this content to communicate this knowledge, today using current display and digital technology, and in the future yet unknown technologies.


Responding to the unique needs of the cultural sector

The lifespan of digital assets for the corporate sector are measured in years, whereas the lifespan of digital assets for the cultural space is measured in generations. As such there is a greater weight of expectations around the management, usage and fidelity of cultural assets. Lookatme™ Collect is a Digital Asset Management Software solution specifically designed to deal with high data integrity and metadata standards required by the Cultural sector.

To begin with Lookatme™ Collect provided specialised modules, such as Muse me™ and professional metadata standards, which includes Spectrum and RAD2.


Custom/Bespoke workflows

For more than a decade the team at Lookatme™ have been working with some of the world’s most prominent and well-respected cultural organisations, delivering what many acknowledges as the worlds best Cultural Digital Asset Management solution. This experience has resulted in a solution that acknowledges the need to provide out-of-the-box, worlds’ best practice workflows for some cultural organisations and customisable workflows for others.
The out-of-the-box role-based workflows speedup implementation processes and also have the capacity of providing a base to build customised roles and workflows when required. This balance of out-of-the-box functionality and easy customisation has a dramatic impact on speed of uptake and user acceptance of the system.


Clever solutions for smart institutes

Lookatme™ Collect allows your organisation to take control of your web pages and Word documents through a native API. With an optional ‘PDF watch folder’ you can even control images in distributed PDFs. Use smart features that allow you to do things like push images to websites, with a timed-licensed link that expires. These functions deliver real, practical solutions that make management of your cultural digital assets simpler, more precise, accurate and efficient.


Dropbox integration

Lookatme™ Collect recognises that the best software solutions take advantage of existing user behaviours. For many people Dropbox has become a standard way of sharing files, which is why Lookatme™ Collect provides Dropbox integration for those who already feel comfortable with this way of working. Dropbox integration is an ideal solution to the problem of dealing with the massive demand for video downloads by users with bandwidth constraints. This is just another example of how Lookatme™ Collect provides an inclusive and intuitive working environment.


A Digital Asset Management solution that’s as mobile as you

Lookatme™ Collect Android and iPhone apps allow you and your people to upload images and video directly to your Digital Asset Management solution.
Lookatme™ Collect apps allow you to take advantage of breaks between meetings to upload documents from meetings, events and social campaigns.
Approved users can then instantly access this content, using Lookatme™ Collect HTML 5 fluid interface, which automatically formats to any mobile device or computer.


A Digital Asset Management solution as flexible as your needs

You may want to start with a relatively small commitment to building a professional brand and digital asset management solution, to allow you to become comfortable with your decision and familiar with the power of Lookatme™ Collect. You may also currently have a modest digital asset collection that you want to build on. Alternatively, you may already have hundreds of thousands or even millions of digital assets long overdue to be professionally catalogued. Whatever your current and future needs, Lookatme™ Collect is a fully scalable solution with a low barrier to entry. Add functionality and capacity to your new Lookatme™ Collect Digital Asset Management solution as required or as your budgets allow.