In the Event sector, the shelf life of digital assets can be brief. The true value of a digital asset for an event organisation may be limited to a small window of time prior, during and after an event. If this is the case, it then becomes essential to employ a Digital Asset Management solution that simplifies the workflow for production of these assets. 



t is also crucial to employ a Digital Asset Management solution that motivates other stakeholders such as PR agencies, media and affiliates to use these assets while they are still ‘fresh.’
Because of the frenetic nature of events, it’s also essential that those in the Event sector adopt a Digital Asset Management solution that enables the recording of events and archival imagery and video that may be deployed at a later date or in promotional collateral and fund raising activities. Such a solution should empower everyone involved in the production or dissemination of brand and digital assets to create, maintain and comply with a centralised ‘single source of truth.’ Lookatme™ is such a solution.

Responding the unique project management needs of the event sector

Marketing is a movable feast for the events sector, which is why it remains so important that any Digital Asset Management solution encourages collaboration between content generators, project management teams and content disseminators. The key to this process is simple, with sophisticated workflow and approval processes, such as those incorporated into Lookatme™.

Lookatme™ provides the event sector with a set of powerful, yet simple to use tools, which effectively manages the workflows amongst groups that may only come together for a single event. At the other end of the spectrum, Lookatme™ uses workflow models deployed by the world’s most recognised cultural institutes, entrusted with the management of millions of digital assets.

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Upload and access digital assets on the move

Do you or your team members record events? Do you employ others or wish to engage with other stakeholders to collect event digital assets? If so, Lookatme™ provides the tools to enable the recording of events, creating of image metadata and the uploading of content to your own, branding Digital Asset Management solution. These tools enable PR agencies, social media coordinators and communication specialists to collect, access and use these digital assets when, and where they are needed.


A ‘Single source of truth’ for Events organisations

are spread far and wide. They may reside on individual computers, tablets and smartphones. This problem is further compounded when you only engage with certain content producers and stakeholders on a single event. Effectively, when these individuals move on to their next project, so do many of your digital assets. Lookatme™ provides you and your events organisation with a ‘single source of truth’ for your digital assets.’ As importantly, Lookatme™ provides the workflows and tools that simplify and streamline the production, collect and dissemination of brand and digital assets. This allows you to centralise access and approvals, ensuring you always remain in control of your branding and messaging.


Digital Rights Management for the events sector

Just because an image or video has been taken of an event you manage, it doesn’t mean you have unlimited usage rights. Many events images and videos are created by third parties, who maintain copyright over those assets. Although they may allow your organisation unlimited usage rights for those assets, you still have to manage usage rights to other parties who request access to these assets.

Lookatme™ allows you to apply metadata to digital assets, for Digital Rights Management. This metadata can activate management protocols based on approval processes or even time limitations. These capabilities help mitigate the risks associated with Digital Rights Management. The same protocols help ensure that the brand and digital assets used are the most current, to the extent that Lookatme™ can even send out alerts and updates for images and video already in circulation.


The simple and intuitive interface ensures there is little or no training required

The greatest barrier to uptake for software acceptance is training. Software training is difficult, time-consuming and relentless. If you can provide a software solution that is intuitive and encourages self-learning and where administrator controlled access ensures there is less chance for mistakes to occur, you are more likely to have greater user acceptance. These are the guiding principles behind the Lookatme™ workflows and user interface.

For the first time, Lookatme™ has provided a Digital Asset Management solution that requires virtually no training. This fact makes it practical for teams specifically assembled for a single event to engage with the solution from day one.


A multilingual Digital Asset Management solution for a small world

The event sector knows as well as anyone how small the world has become. A digital world, without geographic boundaries, makes it simple to learn about events happening anywhere on the globe. The last remaining barrier to communication is language, however Lookatme™ even has a solution for this challenge.

Lookatme™ is a Digital Asset Management solution that loves cultural diversity. Chinese and Japanese interfaces are available out-of-box, and all languages with UTF8 characters sets (including Korean and Arabic) are supported. Lookatme™ allows end-users to select language, provides localised notifications and supports multilingual Metadata. Lookatme™ also allows Metadata (multilingual or English) to be bulk-edited online or downloaded and edited offline. This capability allows you to extend your influence to media groups and stakeholders around the globe.


Search options as varied as your stakeholders

If the web has taught us anything, it is that we all search for information in different ways. Lookatme™ has been designed to make searching and previewing assets as simple and intuitive as possible.


Search using familiar text-based methods. Lookatme™ advanced text based search includes ‘within results’ and advanced faceted drill down. Predictive text based search can also be incorporated, using controlled vocabularies.


Once you have uploaded a video (in just about any format including Apple ProRes) Lookatme™ will automatically generate still and video thumbnails, making it easier to search and preview video content. This makes it practical for Airlines to amplify video content easily through multiple channels including social media.


With Google maps integration, image geospatial data is automatically extracted and interpreted. This functionality makes it simple and practical to search by geography, which make it practical for Airlines to catalogue brand assets, images and videos and disseminate them to stakeholders around the globe.


Speed up approval and review

Lookatme™ allows you and production teams to process automatically all new or edited high-definition video into multiple file ‘derivatives’, faster than real time. In the approval and review cycle, busy managers can quickly preview files without having to stream a high definition movie file. This process dramatically reduces the time it takes to produce video and provides the appropriate assets for Hi def. broadcasting, as well as online and social media. By generating multiple video formats in real time, you encourage stakeholders such as review sites, tourism bodies, media and any other approved stakeholders to amplify your content and brands.


Streamlined workflows for the Event sector

When you begin to plan for events, you seem to have ample time, and then all of a sudden the event is upon you. Often when you are at the early stages of events money and resources are limited. In both scenarios streamlining the development, management, approval and use of digital assets can be key to the events success. Lookatme™ smooth workflows help reduces production times. Smoother, more intuitive workflows also reduce the roadblocks that cause delay in approvals and can result in missed deadlines. Lookatme™ has also been designed to allow marketing departments and project managers to manage projects on the move.


Just the beginning

These are just a few of the brand and digital asset management benefits of Lookatme™ to the events sector. If you would like to know more, click the link below to arrange and demonstration.