Lookatme™ has been the preferred choice for many government organisations for more than a decade. There are many reasons for this however the main reason is an understanding of the unique nature of managing digital assets, as opposed to managing files.



The unfortunate reality with Digital Asset Management solutions is that there are no regulations on what constitutes a Digital Asset Management solution. Lesser file management solutions have adopted this naming convention with the hope of attracting unwary customers. The acid-test is not which clients have recently adopted your solution; it is the list that remains evangelist for a solution over the long term. If a Digital Asset Management solution remains in use for an extended period with a government organisation, it is evidence that it has survived the rigors of countless users, changes and in protocol and changes in government. Lookatme™ is such an enduring Digital Asset Management solution.

What is unique about a Digital Asset Management solution for the government sector?

Digital Asset Management solutions that survive the rigors and tectonic changes that can occur with successive administrations are rare. The solutions that survive these processes have to be both robust, cost-effective, efficient and flexible. It may be easy to convince one administration of these virtues, but surviving many is no mean feat. A successful Digital Asset Management solution for government organisations must survive on its own merits. It must be simple enough to allow new and successive users to engage willingly with the solution quickly. It must deliver tangible and measurable efficiencies. It must measure up continually against any claims made by potential contenders.

Legacy Digital Asset Management often carries the baggage of ‘the last administration’s choice.’ The temptation for new administrations is to abandon existing Digital Asset Management software, in favor of a solution of their choosing. Lookatme™ has a reputation for passing muster with successive administrations, in countless government departments around the globe.


Predicting the future

Much of the success of Lookatme™ with the government sector lies in the development team’s capacity to predict changing workflows and user behaviours and adapt to these changes ahead of demand. In recent times this has resulted in innovation such as advances in interface and workflow designs, advanced function proprietary apps and integration with widely accepted solutions such as Dropbox, YouTube and Vimeo (to name just a few).

The latest version of Lookatme™ utilises the lasted advance in web-native interface design (HTML 5) to deliver a user-friendly, familiar interface that delivers functionality on the move. Early feedback on the ‘new look’ Lookatme™ interface is garnishing worldwide accolades.


Day to day benefits of Lookatme™

Lookatme™ is a proven workhorse in the government sector. It is simple to learn, easy and enjoyable to use. With more than a decade of infield use in the government sector, Lookatme™ provides workflows that are tried and tested by institutes the world over. These role-based workflows make administration easy and ensure that almost everyone who needs to engage with your digital assets can do so within minutes of going live

The key to Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management workflows is that they feel familiar and comfortable from the very first time you use them. For many government organisations, Lookatme™ out of the box workflows are a perfect fit for most roles, however for some organisations this is not enough. These organisations need to build workflows that reflect existing process or protocols. With Lookatme™ the choice of simply adapting existing workflows or creating their own is made easy. Lookatme™ are experts at this process and are always available to lend a hand.


Producing multiple derivatives, for multiple channels

Other Digital Asset Management solutions you have used may not have the capabilities of producing multiple derivatives in real-time, so you may not be familiar with the power and benefits of such capabilities. Lookatme™ allows you to upload a single file, such as a video, image or document and automatically produce multiple derivatives of that file in real time. For video, you may upload a high definition file, but require a lower res file for a website or social media. Lookatme™ can automatically generate these files and store them in your solution, with the appropriate metadata. The same may be true of a large format image, which needs to appear in documents or email. You can even convert files such as Adobe InDesign or Word into PDFs and make them instantly available to stakeholders. Lookatme™ multiple derivative capabilities are a major time saver, which helps reduce workloads and publishing times.


The smart way to travel with all of your training assets

As we all know, the days when government employees remain anchored to their desks is long gone. Nowadays people need technology that adapts to their mobile work and lifestyles. Lookatme™ provides your people and approved stakeholders with access to these assets when and where they need them. The all-new look Lookatme™ has been designed to work on any mobile device, from desktops to tablets and even smartphones. Your people can even use the time between meetings and events to upload or access assets as they are required.


A software solution that isn’t easy to learn has no value

The greatest barrier to uptake for software acceptance is training. Software training is difficult, time-consuming and relentless. If you can provide a software solution that is intuitive and encourages ‘self-learning and where administrator controlled access ensures there is less chance for mistakes to occur, you are more likely to have greater user acceptance. These are the guiding principles behind the Lookatme™ workflows and user interface. For the first time, Lookatme™ has provided a Digital Asset Management solution that requires virtually no training and is loved by users.


Control Web, Word and PDF

Take control of your web pages and Word documents through the Lookatme™ native API. With an optional ‘PDF watch folder’ you can even control images in distributed PDFs. Use smart features that allow you to do things like push images to websites, with a timed licensed and link that expires.



A Digital Asset Management solution with ‘true’ multilingual capabilities

Most Digital Asset Management solutions may talk big about multilingual capabilities, but Lookatme™ is a truly ‘global citizen.’ Most Digital Asset Management solutions have some rudimentary language capabilities, however few support more sophisticated multilingual requirements. Lookatme™ even provides solutions for Chinese and Japanese interfaces, in fact, it supports all languages with UTF8 character’s sets (including Korean and Arabic). Lookatme™ allows end-users to select language, providing localised notifications and supports multilingual metadata. Lookatme™ also allows Metadata (multilingual or English) to be bulk edited online or downloaded and edited offline.


Just the beginning

What we have outlined here barely scratches the surface of the Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution. The only way to fully comprehend the difference between Lookatme™ and other Digital Asset Management solutions is request a demonstration. You can also request additional information and discuss your specific challenges and needs with the Lookatme™ team.