Those in the Training space often look for e-learning and training platforms, with file management capabilities as a way of managing their digital assets. Often the digital asset management capabilities of these solutions are more of an afterthought. The power of a true digital asset management solution is its ability to promote good work practices and encourage engagement with multiple stakeholders.



Training organisations looking to follow world’s best practices and run more efficient and profitable enterprises would be better served by identifying multiple specialised software solutions, where the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ Rather than an afterthought for a training solution, a Digital Asset Management solution should be viewed as a platform with workflows that encourages stakeholders to centralise control, to catalogue and manage brand and digital training assets. The creation, cataloguing and management of these assets should be seen as a separate management process to their use. The best Digital Asset Management solutions, such as the one provided by Lookatme™, has the capabilities to ensure that training documentation used outside the environment of e-learning platforms remains current.
By viewing the requirements of an e-learning platform separately to a Digital Asset Management Solution, you are less likely to have to compromise on your selection of either solution.

A single source of truth for all of your digital training assets

Centralised management of all of your digital training assets is a sure-fire way of maintaining control. However, this centralisation should never stand in the way of ensuring digital assets are easily accessible to those who need them. Lookatme™ allows you to use the same workflow practices employed by the world’s best cultural and government organisations to help you manage the production, cataloguing and dissemination of these assets. Lookatme™ can also integrate with existing e-learning platforms, ensuring that only the most up to date information is in use. Lookatme™ can also act as an archive for previously used training assets, for auditing purposes. Using this ‘single source of truth’ process reduces the incidence of human error and the resources required to remain compliant.


Global management of Digital Assets

In an ideal world, your e-learning platform would extend its sphere of influence to personal computers and mobile devices. Where this may be possible with online training modules, this becomes much more difficult with downloaded Word and PDF documents. With Lookatme™, you can send alerts to those who have downloaded documents previously and even update existing digital documents in circulation. This power extends to web-based documents and assets that exist within websites and other online resources. The Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management solution even provides full YouTube and Vimeo integration to manage your training videos.

The power of this functionality is that it allows you to maintain global control of digital assets, dramatically reducing the time and energy required to remain compliant and also to reduce the incidents of ‘human error.’


Producing multiple derivatives, for multiple channels

You may need a high definition video file for a group training environment, and a much smaller version of the same video to be viewed through mobile devices. Lookatme™ provides both, without the need to engage outside help. Lookatme™ has the capability of producing multiple derivatives of the same file, from the one master file, in real time. The power of this functionality means you can upload a single, high-definition file, while automatically making available smaller or different formats and versions of video files, for almost any application you can possibly conceive, to any approved stakeholder. This functionality reduces duplication needs and empowers you to turn any video file into a usable format, for any form of delivery or for any channel instantly.


The smart way to travel with all of your training assets

If you are like many in the training space, you spend little time in your office. Your work environment changes from day to day. With Lookatme™ your Digital Asset Management solution is as mobile as you and your people are. Lookatme™ provides you with mobile solutions such as secure apps and web-native, multi-device access. This ensures you and your people have access to all of your digital training assets wherever and whenever they are required.


Speed up approval process

Approval processes are a bottleneck in most production cycles. Lookatme™ has spent more than a decade working with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, cultural and government institutes to develop the most streamlined workflows. Part of this process has been developing the technology and methodology, which speeds up approvals. Lookatme™ puts you in complete control of the approval process.

At the account setup level, you can authorise specific roles and individuals with different access levels, which may or may not include access with a login. In other cases, you may wish to retain approval authority over specific digital training assets. With Lookatme™ you remain in control of approvals.

Geo search assets by location and site

Do you need to centralise management of multiple businesses, clients and sites through the one solution? Do different sites, companies, clients and geographies have training material unique to them? With Lookatme™ you can centralise the management of all of these assets, ensuring they remain current. What’s more, you can add metadata to each of these assets, providing your team and any authorised person to have ‘self-service access’ based on specific geographic information. Geo search is just one dimension of a multidimensional search functionality provided by Lookatme™.


Multilingual capabilities

Lookatme™ multilingual capabilities also allow you to extend access to your training assets to countries and cultures other than your own. You may have partners in other countries; operate sites in other geographies and be subject to a range of other compliance regimes. Lookatme™ multilingual capabilities make it practical to manage all of your training assets from around the globe, through the one solution.


Dropbox integration

If you are like most training organisations, many of your clients and stakeholders are regular users of Dropbox. Dropbox integration is an ideal solution to the problem of dealing with the massive demand for video downloads by users with bandwidth constraints. The problem with Dropbox is that file management quickly gets out of control. The Lookatme™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution provides full Dropbox integration allowing files to be uploaded to your DAM. Your Lookatme™ solution then allows you to update files, remove or add files to the Dropbox, ensuring files are properly managed and easily accessed when needed.


Lookatme™ is simple to learn

All of this functionality does not guarantee successful uptake by users. User acceptance is driven by simple and intuitive design. If users don’t like the solution it will fail to get traction. Lookatme™ has been designed to feel familiar from your very first interaction. The way you navigate the system, workflows and the results your active are predictable. What is not expected is the joy people find in engaging with a digital asset management solution that is surprising enjoyable to engage with. That is why for every 5 million transactions with a Lookatme™, there are fewer than 200 customer service enquiries. User acceptance become evangelism once users start to realise the full potential and advanced functions of Lookatme™.